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Archland Design Studios is a multidisciplinary Architecture firm, following a collaborative approach between specialists in Architecture and Landscape Architecture to ensure the creation of vibrant, contextually integrated and environmentally friendly spaces. We have experience in all categories and scales of design, with an excellent record in achieving desired design intent within an allocated budget. We have expertise in sustainable power and construction solutions, and we continuously strive to keep up to date with the latest technologies.


Archland Design Studios was established in 1995 under the directive of founding member Alan F. Dixon. Our team consists of qualified and experienced staff, as well as associates, to ensure we deliver high-quality architectural services. 


Residential Dwellings and Cluster Developments

Archland designs homes for all socio-economic groups. We have earned particular accolades for the upmarket end of the private residential sector. One of our designed homes was featured on Top Billing.


Commercial and Office Developments

We design and coordinate large commercial and office developments. We do holistic designs in gracefully landscaped surroundings.   


Commercial and Residential Landscaping

Archland Design Studios has a professionally qualified and well experienced department for commercial and residential landscaping.   


Lodge and Bush Camps

We have designed several lodges and bush camps, making full use of our landscaping and eco-friendly expertise.


Low Cost Housing and Townhouse Developments

We have completed several Community Residential Unit Programme (CRU) housing projects. We have designed homes for the Department of Housing and have been involved in several urban renewal and redevelopment projects.


Restaurants and Pubs

We have designed several restaurants and pubs for well recognisable brands, including Brazen Head pubs and Adega Restaurants.


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